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Welcome to Hey, It’s Vegan! I created this website for a few reasons:

  • I wanted a place where there would be tons of helpful information about veganism without judgment. I want everyone to know living a cruelty-free lifestyle is not only possible but realistic! It truly is! Did you know there are tons of ways to access Hey, It’s Vegan! and all its contents? There is the website, monthly newsletter, blog posts, and an App Coming Soon! Follow Hey, It’s Vegan! is on InstaFB, Twitter, & Pinterest for ideas, resources and inspiration!
  • This website is open source because sharing is essential to learning. Hey, It’s Vegan! will have a wealth of shareable information including FAQs, Recipes, links to Resources, E-books, & more! Do you have some knowledge you want to drop? Collaboration is the core of open source so I want to hear from you, too! Check out Hey, It’s Vegan! on Slack for more sharing of information and collaboration. More to come!
  • Shopping Coming Soon! Hey, It’s Vegan! will offer high quality supplements and products that are helpful to the vegan diet. The products have a real purpose in helping someone who is vegan to be their healthiest and happiest possible! The shopping experience will be simple and efficient as life can be busy! Shopping Coming Soon!