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Wow! I know it has been a long time since any activity on the website. You know how you have the very best intentions and then real life gets in the way?! Yep, that is what has happened here. Ugh. I do have some news: the new redesign for the website is up and running- yea! Not so great news: the content is not quite yet. But, I am working on it! This is my passion and my plan for 2019 is to truly dedicated some time to this site and get it to sprout and grow! In the next phase, I will be working on creating a Monthly Newsletter and sign up; the recipe section will be made public with delicious recipes; and I will be working hard on the FAQ section (will be a Wiki of Vegan info). Thank you for your continued patience. I feel like this website growth is a bit of a cactus (slow to grow) but my desire is to get it to propagate like bamboo! In the meantime, check out our Facebook pageStay Tuned!